Relaxing and enjoying the moment

Slow lifestyle is about forgetting all the hurry and seeing the small meaningful details in life.


Blooming Apple Tree is a project of a designer/ glassblower couple Marjut Numminen and Aino Vilpas. Marjut and Aino have been designing and making gorgeous and colourful Soda Shop Design glass pieces since 2011 in their own glassblowing studio in Hämeenlinna Finland. Blooming Apple Tree was born because Marjut and Aino thought that people are always too busy and stressed. They wanted to create a new lifestyle that concentrates in sweet and beautiful moments in life and slow living when you have time to chill out. Everything in Blooming Apple Tree ideology is sustainable, lovely and natural.


A part of modern life in a western society seems to be all kind of schedules, stress and accomplishing difficult tasks. Marjut and Aino have noticed this in their own job as glassblowers too, even if that is an occupation where you can ruin everything if you hurry and worry too much: Glass won’t obey if your mind is somewhere else. We wanted to found Blooming Apple Tree to remind us to enjoy the beauty in life. In reality you don’t need to hurry at all. There should be a hint of childhood summer in every day: You remember those carefree days, don’t you? You should be able to relax and do something you love every single day. It can mean both activities or putting your feet up. You can choose, the main thing is that it brings a smile on your lips!


In our blog we will have fun doing different things. We want to let peaceful nature, good food, art and beautiful objects inspire us. And we hope that we can share those moments with you! Blooming Apple Tree is also a webshop where you will find products that fit in this ideology. What you won’t find there is some mass produced bulk products, you can count on that!


Soda Shop Design glassblowing studio is situated in Hämeenlinna Finland. We have an amazing space in an old red brick building build by the Russian emperor Alexander II  in 1870.  Our 300m2 studio fits perfectly in this gorgeous building! Blooming Apple Tree flagship store is situated in the same space with Soda Shop Design. Welcome to visit!