About Us

Blooming Apple Tree

Welcome to enjoy slow and happy moments under a blooming apple tree! Here you will find our inspiring slow lifestyle blog and lots of intriguing pictures and ideas. Blooming Apple Tree web shop is full of gorgeous design pieces, lovely lifestyle products for sweet moments at home and naturally pure products just for yourself.

Let’s enjoy life and forget all the hurry!

We chose Blooming Apple Tree as our name because it brings to mind happy and wonderfully carefree summer days when you have nothing but time to relax and do things you love. Amazing scent of apple flowers is a sign of spring turning into summer. Under an apple tree you can have a nice cup of coffee, read a good book or just look as clouds go by in the sky. You know those moments when you have everything you need right there.

When the apples are ready it’s time for harvest. Together we pick up all the apples, slicing, cooking and preserving them different ways. Who could resist home-baked apple pie with vanilla custard? When the autumn comes all the leaves change their colour slowly falling down. Nature is getting ready for winter.

The first frost makes the apple tree branches look like amazing winter wonderland art pieces! In the middle of the winter there is so much snow that the branches bend under it’s weight. It seems like everything is covered by cotton wool. Then the sunlight overcomes the strenght of winter melting down the frost. Soon you can see a hint of green shade. It doesn’t take so long anymore before the apple tree is blooming again!

Blooming Apple Tree is a project of a designer/ glassblower couple Marjut Numminen and Aino Vilpas. Marjut and Aino have been designing and making gorgeous and colourful Soda Shop Design glass pieces since 2011 in their own glassblowing studio in Hämeenlinna Finland. Blooming Apple Tree was born because Marjut and Aino thought that people are always too busy and stressed. They wanted to create a new lifestyle that concentrates in sweet and beautiful moments in life and slow living when you have time to chill out. Everything in Blooming Apple Tree ideology is sustainable, lovely and natural.

You can get to know us more and read our articles at bloomingappletree.com!
Blooming Apple Tree flagship store is situated in Soda Shop Design Glassblowing studio in Hämeenlinna, Finland.