Sammal paperweights are beautiful center pieces for home decoration or making intriguing table settings

Small bubbles inside look just like they are rising towards the surface. Sammal paperweights come in many different colours, all match well together so you can mix them as you please! Paperweights are timeless and never go out of fashion, lasting from generation to generation. That is why they are also excellent gifts!

Sammal -paperweights are small glass sculptures that captures different worlds inside them. Sammal is Finnish meaning ‘moss’. The first versions of Sammal paperweights were done over 10 years ago when the Soda Shop Design glassblowers were in glass school. We had a vision of glass pieces that had a bit of nature captured inside the glass layers. The first pieces were soft nature colours with smooth shades. When Soda Shop Design was founded we definitely wanted to keep Sammal paperweights in production - not only as moss green and brown but also in numerous different colours. So nowadays they can resemble forest, ocean, ice and fruits! You will find both bright colours and soft pastel tones.

“Oh how soft the moss is under the bare feet! Gorgeous velvety carpet of the forest. The wind is whispering softly in your ears and nature smells fresh after the rain. Dewdrops are glistening just like bright diamonds on the moss.”

The big Sammal is the queen of the paperweights with several glass layers and pearl-like bubbles. Because of the multiple layers it is very three-dimensional, the diameter is about 11cm. Paperweights are a traditional glass product, made of solid glass capturing the colour patterns inside with the sparkling soda bubbles. You will find also two smaller sizes of Sammal in our shop.

Colours to choose from:
(in the same order as in the picture)

  • Clear with soda bubbles
  • White
  • Black
  • Amber
  • Smokey light blue
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Lime green
  • Pine tree green (green petrol)
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Rosa
  • Baby Pink
  • Red

We make our glasses to endure use and little knocks, that's why they are nice and thick. All our products are handmade, so please notice that there might be slight dfferencies between products' shape, size, soda bubbles and colour even though every piece is high quality. Colours can look a bit different on the screen than in natural light.

It's possible to get a special engraving, name and/or date for example according to your wishes. Price is 5.00 euros. Just type the text that you want when making an order.

We ship our items worldwide. We will wrap all the pieces properly, don't you worry!

Soda Shop Design glass products are designed and handblown in our own glassblowing studio in Hämeenlinna, Finland by us glassblowers (Ms.) Marjut Numminen and (Ms.) Aino Vilpas. We want to make sure that our glass pieces are wonderful, refreshing and long-lasting. We have built up our studio ecological way. Our raw materials and furnaces are the best we could find. Our furnace works with 100% Finnish wind power.

Fall in love with freshly-made glass!

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Sammal paperweight large

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