Lovely organic cotton makeup bag with a unique pattern

This bag is perfect for makeup products or other cosmetics, and you can take it with you for a travel too. But this bag is good for other purposes as well. What would you put in it? Maybe some pens and a note pad?

All of the Pyrykääkkä Design patterns are designed by visual artist Mari Isotalo. There is some colourful vintage inspiration  to be seen in them! These bags are handmade in Finland by Pyrykääkkä Design. The fabric is ecological organic cotton made in North-Europe by confirmed suppliers. Only a small batch of products is crafted of each pattern to ensure the uniqueness and freshness of the products. So you better hurry to get the piece that you like!

You can fit Pyrykääkkä Design purse in this bag.
The bag is 17,5cm wide and 14cm high.
There is a lining inside the bag which makes the bag durable and strong.

The production of these products is planned ecological way so the fabric is used sparingly. That means the pattern may be placed differently in each products. Each and every piece is still made with love and passion and crafted with care!

Please note that we take the pictures of each product carefully but colours can look a bit different on the screen than in natural light.

Pyrykääkkä Design is a brand of Mari Isotalo.  Mari Isotalo is a professional visual artist, mother of four children and freelance craftswoman. Pyrykääkkä Design means strong and beautiful colours, unique designs and ecological thinking. Mari has always loved colours and cheerful patterns and it can be seen in her paintings as well as in her fabrics.

Pyrykääkkä Design products are handmade in small batches so buying this product you get something unique and special!

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Pyrykääkkä Design Makeup Bag Yellow Wreaths

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