This is a unique Spring vase! It’s a one-of-a-kind piece as all the vases are different by their shapes and colours.

The main colour of Yellow Shade vase  is yellow as the name says but it is softly tinted with warm brown. If you take a good look you can also see a hint of pale shade of turquoise. This Spring Vase is perfect for tulips or natural flowers, but also fitting with shorter bouquets. There are cheerful soda bubbles in every Spring Vase. The height of this vase is about 29cm.

The Spring vases were born on  one special late winter day when the first rays of light shone into the glass studio. The glassblowers could feel it in the air that the spring was just around the corner. They decided to blow some beautiful vases with some ravishing colors. Some of the colours would be bright and striking, some softer and smoother. These vases would bring a hint of spring into every single day of the year. It needs a seamless teamwork of two skillful glassblowers to make these vases. The vases are blown using traditional glassblowing methods at the temperature of 1100 degrees. You can see a melted pontil mark in the bottom of the  vase as a sign of pure handicraft.

We recommend hand-wash for this product using lukewarm water. None of the products can handle hot liquids.

We make our glasses to endure use and little knocks, that's why they are nice and thick. All our products are handmade, so please notice that there might be slight differencies between products' shape, size and colour even though every piece is high quality. Colours can look a bit different on the screen than in natural light.

It's possible to get a special engraving in the bottom of this product. Like name and/or date for example according to your wishes. Type the engraving that you would like to get when you are making an order, there is a checkbox to choose this option. The engraving will be handicrafted using a diamond tool. The text will look like handwriting. Price for the engraving is 5.00 euros.

We ship our items worldwide. We will wrap all the pieces properly, don't you worry!

Soda Shop Design glass products are designed and handblown in our own glassblowing studio in Hämeenlinna, Finland by us  glassblowers (Ms.) Marjut Numminen and (Ms.) Aino Vilpas.

Every glass piece has a story to tell. We have been inspired by rough beautiful nature, great emotions, intriguing phenomenon and of course the life itself.  We wish you can feel the passionate way of life, appreciation of this old craft but also freshness and novelty in these designs. We want to make sure that our glass pieces are wonderful, refreshing and long-lasting.

We have built up our studio ecological way. Our raw materials and furnaces are the best we could find. Our furnace works with 100%  Finnish wind power.

Fall in love with freshly-made glass!

Learn more about our story here >>

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