A lovely lemony Cleaning Soap!

100%  natural and non toxic cleaning soapbar with refreshing lemon scent has coco butter base and is perfect for general cleaning all around the house from kitchen to bathroom.

Rub the soap bar gently with a moist cleansing rag or sponge until it foams and then just clean. Ideal for ceramic stoves, faucets, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. It doesn't leave any marks or stains on surfaces. Cleanes effectively grime and grease stains. You can also use it as a stain remover on clothes applying it straight on the stain and let it be awhile before washing it. These cleaning soap bars are also suitable outside the house, for example for cleaning the hot tub, garden furniture, carpets and outdoor activity equipment. You can also grate about on table spoonfull of soap and dilute it warm water and use it as a cleaning spray. Very affective and sufficient cleaning soap.

Quantity: 130g. Very sufficient.

What is the difference between cleaning soap and soap for body wash? Body wash soaps are superfatted and contain moisturising oils that stays on your skin. Cleaning soaps aren't superfatted, they are made with lye* which makes the soap hard, very sufficient and effective for cleaning. This is why it's not recommended for body wash. But it's not dangerous for the skin or inhaled on the contrary to most  cleaning products that contain strong chemicals. 

*Lye and coco butter together sopifies and disappears in that process so that there is no lye in the ready product

INCI:sodium cocoate (cocobutter), aqua (water), litsea cubeba (May Chang essential oil)), citrus aurantifolia (Lime essential oil), citrus sinensis (Orange essential oil), cymbopogon flexuosus leaf oil (Lemongrass essential oil), titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide (natural mica colour).

All the lovely Candle Light Story natural cleaning products make cleaning more than just necessary evil. They clean effectively without any strong or toxic chemicals and they are made from all natural ingredients. They come in pretty packages so there is no reason to hide these cleaning products. You can easily keep them in plain sight where you need them the most. Clean home affects our health of course but also our mood: nothing makes you happier than a fresh and clean home!

Candle Light Story -products are bursting with fresh and natural quality scents and they bring a hint of luxury into your everyday life. With ecological cleaning products you can clean your house completely naturally. Same essential oils that are used in these cleaning products also give relaxing scent to the Candle Light Story's amazing soy wax candles! These beautiful candles have wooden wicks that crackle softly like log-fire. Enjoy the athmosphere and let new stories to be born!

-Candle Light Story-

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Candle Light Story Andalusian Lemon Cleaning Soap

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