Laundry vinegar is a must-have at home

Have you already tried laundry vinegar? I have, and totally fell in love with it after first time using it!

I was introduced to laundry vinegars when Candle Light Story started to make them. We had already had some ecological scented soywax candles from the same company. Those candles are so beautiful and lovely in our own opinion and also our customers love them. So of course I ordered a trial batch of laundry vinegars. I had seen this kind of products made abroad, but Candle Light Story produces everything handmade in small batches in Nurmijärvi, Finland. Behind the brand is Annina Rosenström who has a lot of experience of cleaning industry. She is full of ideas, has eye for beautiful things and desire to make ecological and pure products. With a little help from Annina, I tried laundry vinegar instead of fabric softener in a washing machine. I don’t even ever use fabric softeners because I resent those chemical artificial and usually super strong fragrances. I think laundry should smell fresh and clean, not sweet as candy. So I chose Maroccan Mint laundry vinegar -obviously- because mint is my favourite scent! And the difference was easy to notice: laundry was immediately softer and less wrinkled than usually. Scent was fresh with a hint of mint! When you sniff it straight from the bottle, the vinegar comes off quite strong, but you can’t spot it anymore after washing your clothes. After using laundry vinegar I have also noticed that the laundry machine smells fresher, no more stuffiness!

Annina shares a lot of info and tips how to use her products in social media. I have learnt from there (and taught then others) many ways to use laundry vinegar all around the house. The idea behind Candle Light Story’s products is that cleaning is not just a necessary evil, it can also be fun! Because the packaging is so pretty you can keep them at plain sight. I keep my laundry vinegar bottle and a cleaning soap bar (that looks like a lovely piece of cake) on the kitchen counter by the sink so it’s easy just grab and use. Saves me from the trouble of trying to find them in the cupboard. I use the vinegar also for cleaning the sink and putting some of it down the drain to clear off fat from the pipes. Kitchen sinks get easily clogged when washing greasy pots and pans. I pour hot water daily down the drain and then some laundry vinegar. This combination has worked wonders in my home. I also use vinegar for washing the floors, a dollop mixed in the water. I really want to avoid using strong and toxic chemicals when cleaning around the house. I recommend to try vinegar also for cleaning the bathroom. Candle Light Story has a cleaning spray too which is meant for cleaning all surfaces at home. It’s really handy and sufficient.

It’s amazing how a clean home affects your mood! A fresh home is like luxury. It inspires you to get flowers inside the house and change arrangements. I have discovered that the more you clean the more you want to clean. With lovely products cleaning is actually fun! And afterward you get the reward: fresh scent, feet up and a cup of good coffee!

All Candle Light Story cleaning products are made from natural ingredients without any strong or toxic chemicals. The scent in my favourite laundry vinegars, Maroccan Mint and Andalusian Lemon, comes from natural essential oils. One of our customers’ favourites is Nordic Air with quality, phthalate-free fragrance oil. I feel so liberated not having to think about what kind of ‘poisons’ this and that cleaning product contains.

You can also use laundry vinegar for refreshing your sports gear. You can make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it on fabric while ironing. It helps smoothen out the wrinkles and leaves a nice mild scent. This I haven’t tried yet though, because me and ironing… well let’s just say that I try to avoid it until the very end. If my non-patented rolling technique (don’t even ask!) doesn’t do the trick then I may have to iron. This actually brought an idea! Next time I’m going to put the cloth on a coat hanger and spray laundry vinegar on it and see if the wrinkles disappear. I’ll let you know if this trick works or not!

♥ Maiju

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