Healthy banana pancakes for breakfast on a slow morning

Can’t think of a better way to start a day-off from work than by making a bit more special breakfast! In summer time it’s all about being outdoors, so we usually set the table in the garden if the weather allows it. It’s super-fun to cook the food outside too. We don’t have a fancy summer kitchen but with a open fire grill you can cook just about anything from blazed salmon to barbequed veggies or make fantastic coffee. Today we had a day-off so I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. We try to avoid using white sugar and gluten, so these pancakes were both sugarfree and glutenfree. I could have made them inside faster, but instead I decided to go outdoors with open fire and a cast iron pan. I also made “jam” defrosting berries from the last summer with a hint of coconut sugar. Honey could’ve worked great too as a sweetener. It’s the perfect time now to use berries from the freezer and make room for new ones.

I wanted to share this recipe of banana pancakes with you because it is so easy and fast but so good. Usually when cooking for two I just mash two bananas with a fork or a mallet and mix them with two eggs. Nothing else. Pour on a frying pan. It’s easier to make and flip small pancakes than one big, so I usually make three small ones. You can upgrade your game by adding a couple of spoonfulls of cocoa powder in the batter. Then you get a nice chocolatie version. You don’t need to add any sugar because bananas are so sweet. You don’t need any flours either. As a result you get deliciously fluffy pancakes.

Today I changed the recipe a bit and added one more egg, 2dl of milk, 1,5dl glutenfree oatflour and a dash of seasalt to the batter. First I mashed the bananas and put the eggs in and mixed them together. Added the seasalt, milk and then poured the flour and gave it a good whisk. I let the batter stand a while and got the fire burning nicely in my grill. I used normal butter on a pan for cooking. But if you don’t want to use dairy products you can use coconut oil for cooking and some plant based milk instead of normal milk. Glutenfree flours vary from another so add it slowly so you don’t get too thick batter. It gets thicker after when you wait a while.

Banana Pankaces – basic recipe for 2
2 ripe or over-ripe bananas
2 eggs
(2 tablespoons of cocoa powder if you want)

Banana Pancakes – modified recipe for 3
2 ripe or over-ripe bananas
3 eggs
2dl milk or dairy-free milk
1,5dl glutenfree flours
hint of salt

Butter or coconut oil for cooking

Don’t use too much heat, so pancakes get cooked all the way through without burning them. If you use open fire, only a couple of small firewood is enough. You can boil coffee at the same time, too.

Hopefully you will enjoy these pancakes! I prefer banana pancakes over normal pancakes because of the lovely fluffiness of them. They’re also really sweet so the jam don’t have to be so sweet or you can use berries without sugar with them.

I had a lovely morning today, reading some interior magazines and enjoying my breakfast. Cooking outside somehow relaxes me and it’s super-fun!

♥ Maiju

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