Finding the sweetness of doing nothing

Life has been good for the eight sunny days we have been enjoying awesome sceneries, good food, happy drinks and tranquil atmosphere by the turquoise Aegean Sea. When booking this trip in November we really didin’t think that right this May it would be the first time in Blooming Apple Tree history when apple trees back in Finland really are in full bloom with pale pink blossoms. We wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, but luckily our Instagram feed is full of shared pictures of our favourite time of the year! Can’t feel bad being here in the green Thasos island with 25 degrees and sunshine when we hear that it’s raining and about 10 degrees in Finland!

This spring has been  too busy although extremely exciting for us. Some really big changes have taken place. Looking back it’s not really a wonder that after arriving to Greece the first two days we just slept, ate something, had some wine and slept more. Haha, I bet it sounds fun! We must have been exhausted. Well, at this point we already have our strength back! But you could say that this holiday is exactly at the right time for us. Not a moment too early.

So now we have been walking around, admiring the landscapes, swimming and reading romantic novels (that make us blush sometimes, for a couple of reasons…) It is stunningly beautiful here, can’t get enough of watching the Mediterranean, so many different turquoise colours. Today we took a walk in an olive orchard nearby. Those olive trees are gorgeous! Makes me want to try to grow one for myself in Finland. But I know I shouldn’t. We tried once, I bought an olive tree (like 90cm tall one) and it was beautiful! It started to grow and made some new sprouts. But then suddenly after a month or so it dropped all the leaves and died. Oh man, one of the saddest moments in my life.

One of the best things in being on a holiday is that you have time to think. Everyday life is sometimes too busy, you just do the things that need to be done. It is too hectic. Our life has been stressful for far too long, and this year we have really made big changes in our lives trying to change the situation. And we know that we are doing the right thing. Because now after a hectic period in our life when we are on a holiday taking time to walk around or just to sit down and relax we start to get new ideas and find new inspiration. In my own head there is always so much going on that every now and then (and in the future hopefully every day) I need a quiet moment just to stare seeing nothing and doing nothing to get some right thoughts out of that mess in my head. Being a designer, glassblower, shop keeper, entrepreneur I really apreciate that my brain is functioning well. So I have started to realize that actually by doing nothing I can do quite a lot. But I’m faraway on my way to mastering the sweetness of doing nothing. I still have a lot to learn. I still start to feel anxious if I don’t work every day. Not even a little. Continuous stress is of course responsible for the most of it, and I also blame my character, and the rest of it is because of the fact that I love my job. But it sure is difficult to find a good balance.

But right now after sipping some ice tea we are heading to the beach to enjoy the sunset! That’s a good start I reckon.

♥ Maiju

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